Tatyana Murray at 450 Park Avenue

450 Park Avenue is pleased to present works by New York-based artist Tatyana Murray in the lobby gallery through April 19th. This is the seventh show the building has mounted as part of its new program of rotating exhibitions of contemporary art. An opening reception and artist talk will be held on Thursday, March 7th from 5-7 PM in the Phillips Auction gallery and 450 Park Avenue lobby.

Living in Manhattan for over 20 years, Murray uses light, etching, drawing, and mixed media to reflect the juxtaposition of chaos and calm in the city. She creates lush abstract dreamscapes with reappropriated materials, using reflective elements like staples, duct tape, and pipes, against light-absorbing flocking and recycled paper, resulting in incredibly detailed and three-dimensional works. Her mesmerizing light sculptures suspend ethereal drawings in space––the existence of the image reliant on the light which shines through the layers of translucent material. Of her work Murray says, “There is a visual tension between harmony and chaos, but at the heart of the movement lies stillness, the ‘SPACE BETWEEN,’ where the spectator can slow down, catch their breath and reflect.”

Starry Night , mixed media, 52 x 73”

Starry Night, mixed media, 52 x 73”