Jay Grimm Art Advisory offers a full suite of fine art services supporting a diverse clientele. My extensive network of contacts, along with the depth and breadth of my experience, afford me a uniquely holistic perspective on the art market. Due to the complex and opaque nature of the art world, my clients find my impartial advice as a beneficial resource. Please inquire how I can tailor my bespoke art advisory service to fit your particular needs and circumstances.


Any financial transaction or decision involving a collection or individual work of art benefits from insight into its value that’s not colored by any other interested parties’ opinion.  My perspective as an independent appraiser gives me the tools to establish a fair price for works of art for market, insurance, estate, equitable distribution & financial planning purposes. My appraisal skills inform all aspects of the other services I provide, to the benefit of my clients no matter what decisions they must make.  In addition to valuation services, as a USPAP-compliant fine art appraiser, I can provide qualified appraisals for insurance and tax matters, should they be required.

Art Acquisition

I advise both inexperienced & established collectors, but enjoy the greatest satisfaction from helping those who are new to collecting art. I endeavor to match their interests, tastes and budget to works in all media. Acquiring art is only part of enjoying it, and I share this perspective when visiting galleries and art fairs with clients, discussing and comparing the art on view. My extensive network of contacts provides access to art from a myriad of sources and my experience as an independent appraiser allows me to establish what the true price of the works should be. While my expertise is in contemporary and modern works of art, I possess a great deal of knowledge about how the art market works and can assist across a number of categories

Art Sales

When selling works of art or an entire collection, I safeguard the interests of my clients to ensure they receive maximum value for the sale. With decades of experience in the art market, I understand the timing and cycles of selling and provide expedited access to the most appropriate venues.  While auction houses are an obvious choice, my network consists of numerous private channels which often are a better way of maximizing value.

Artist Liaison

 I help develop the careers of a select few emerging artists, to assist in selling their works and matching them with appropriate gallery representation.

Gallery Consultant

I help emerging galleries evaluate their business practice and develop their business plan, with emphasis on strategic programming, profile enhancement, partnership development, art fair management, curation & exhibition management.

Logistics Management

Via my professional network of expert resources, I support all aspects of art handling including shipping, import & export licenses, cataloguing, insurance, installation, lighting, archival framing, storage and environmental protection.

Collection Management

I assist in the administration of my clients’ collections, providing fine art insurance consultation, conservation resources, catalogue raisonné documentation and exhibition loan coordination.


For both public and private spaces, I curate rotating displays of contemporary art, where my clients pay a fee for the use of the work rather than acquiring them. Curation services include exhibition planning, artist selection, publicity and installation.